A terrifying beam of flesh plunged into her field of vision and she shrank back, trying to hide from herself the intensity of her desire. But try as she might to pretend she didn’t desperately yearn to feel its glutinous effluent all over her tonsils, soon the bearer had that huge banger up inside her twerp, pumping one off and scoring a sticky bullseye up her friggin’ biff.


“Hoooaaauuurrrggghhhhh,” she sighed vulgarly, lowering herself with great control and undisguised satisfaction onto his turgid rod. The girth of it was just magnificent, a veritable trunk, and it pressed outward beautifully against her walls. She was leaking minge butter down that shaft in no time, and not long afterwards he fired some dairy of his own up that pipe.

Do it properly

“Spank it!” she said. “Spank it good!”. He gave it a little tap, enough to titillate, not enough to satisfy. She let out a small, feminine cry of delight and wriggled into a better position. She reached out to his chin and pulled his face up so as to peer straight into his eyes, her own overflowing with the passion of the moment. Luring him into obedience with her sultry, seductive appeal, her voice drizzled into his soul like honey as she half-whispered to him, sensuously but firmly. “Now do it properly. Spank it hard.” No man could possibly resist. He raised his open hand, the trembling of anticipation a gorgeous sensation rippling through his whole being, and as it crested, he complied with force, spanking it with the passion of a lover and covering them both messily with the shrapnel blast of the warm, exploding turd.