Pie way

At the appearance of dawn’s first rays, the soaring cumulus clouds reflected a brilliant pink radiance. Janet gazed outside for a long moment before turning to him, nodding and tossing the pie right into the middle of the room, and he swung his aluminium bat with pinpoint accuracy, beautifully splattering the tasty treat against the French windows and curtains and festooning them with chunks of kidney and pastry.


The moment she strutted confidently into the room, all eyes were on her, a phenomenon which she seemed to be accustomed to, although somewhat less expected was the peal of orgasmic groans and the ubiquity of the shiny patches that soon developed on the front of all the men’s trousers, caused by spunk soaking the fabric and rising to the surface.

Soar loser

In his dreams, he was free, always free. He could go wherever he wanted, soar above any scenery, meet anyone, and unload his wanger onto whoever’s face he chose. Alas, in real life he was chained to a radiator, fed only turnips, and used as a spittoon, if by ‘spitting’ we also include anal extrusion.

Crunch time

She raised her foot high and then stomped down as hard as she could, the severe metal heel of her boot crunching brilliantly through his skull and plunging thick shards of it into his brain, his consciousness soon fading to black and allowing his body the excuse it so desired to unclench, his anus obliging with a comedic rasp before quietening down to a thin, elongated squeak and a little wet spurt at the end.

I Am Ledgend

He bashed out the last few strokes and kaboom! There it went, spurting out energetically, some of the spooge flinging off to one side and a lot running over his hand and onto his tummy. He lay back again, let go and sighed. He began to feel that gorgeous drowsiness coming over him, and he closed his eyes with a smile and rolled contentedly onto his right and straight off the ledge, screaming in utter panic as he fell and now splattered into tiny pieces on the ground, thankfully missing all the passers-by but no doubt contaminating at least a few of them with droplets of hot cum.