Struggling actor

His friend yelled ‘Action!’, and he took a breath and then sprinted along the high wall and dove off the end toward the lower one, planting his face beautifully on the corner, letting his body slam into the side at a horrible angle, leaving him to slowly peel off and fall a further eighteen feet, giving him an excellent chance of being cast as ‘Mangled man in abandoned industrial estate’ in the upcoming movie which, unbeknownst to him, had in fact been cancelled.

Loving angels instead

He desperately tried to mime “Away in a Manger” but it was literally impossible, and as he realised that they were getting no closer, he took two steps back, then sprinted at the tree and did a flying karate kick at the angel on top, knocking it off and crunching into the sturdy wall behind, groaning and collapsing to the floor amid the fallen baubles and candy canes as his cousin guessed the right answer purely by chance.