Work to rule

She could see that the case contained a bomb, but her shift had just finished and she knew she wouldn’t get paid for doing overtime, so she waved it through, stood up to make way for Martina, and marched off to get on the tube before the crowds. The plane exploded before take-off, as it turned out, but she didn’t hear about it until much later, and the news was accompanied by a text from her boss saying they’d be closed tomorrow, so she’d be having a lie-in. Whallop!

The big meating

She closed her lips around his meat. Oooooh, it was firm and full of blood! She let her tongue slide languidly over it for a moment, then began to sink her teeth in, and in the moment when she pierced the skin she felt his juices squirt out. Ah, she thought. There’s no taste like that! Then she chomped in suddenly, her gnashers meeting, and then turned her head away with a jerk, tearing off a delicious gobful of his living calf as he screamed in disbelief and horror.