Loving angels instead

He desperately tried to mime “Away in a Manger” but it was literally impossible, and as he realised that they were getting no closer, he took two steps back, then sprinted at the tree and did a flying karate kick at the angel on top, knocking it off and crunching into the sturdy wall behind, groaning and collapsing to the floor amid the fallen baubles and candy canes as his cousin guessed the right answer purely by chance.

The importance of being agile

He sprinted after Terry, rounding the corner just in time to see his friend vaulting a high wall. Without hesitation, he put a foot on a conveniently-placed black bin and flung himself over the wall too, desperate to close in and get the ball back. But where Terry had the agility of a cat, John landed a bit awkwardly and instantly shattered his spinal column, collapsing helplessly to the floor, never to stand again.