Some gave all

His dusty hand grasped his shaft, the blood surging insistently through the veins, the bulb gleaming tautly, the awareness of peril providing a final vitality that coursed through his body. Each stroke seemed guided in its timing by the vibrations of the building as it creaked and groaned, the many fires within it supposedly weakening the steel support structure, even though they seemed to burn at far too low a temperature. An explosion deep within the building brought the gooey stuff gushing up into the firing position. He had closed his eyes momentarily, and the intended object of his creaming, the young, frankly rather ugly new intern, had had time to escape. Factoring in a short jog and perhaps a leap before he would erupt, he could see that the only viable target now was a tangle of two bodies to his right – the managing director of his firm, and the Puerto Rican cleaner who had just involuntarily brought the MD to the floor. He snapped into motion, darting toward the pair, pumping away furiously and breathing fast to try and hold on for a moment more. As the critical mass rose, and orders were given several blocks away to commence the final detonations, he screamed, demanding with all the passion he had left for the MD to get out of the way. Too slowly did the fat oaf roll aside. but it was no tragedy that some of the soaring semen was to grace his neck and chin, for far more was deposited across the brow and the nape of the cleaner – a victory, just not a flawless one. “Mmmmm, yeah!” she cried. There was one sweet moment of contentment left for the two of them, and a bond that would be sundered only by death – and thus very soon, as the ceiling crumpled and gigantic columns of concrete descended, his demented roar of exultation becoming one with the doom that consumed them all.