What lies beneath

As he realised with dread that gravity was taking over, he tried to grasp at some kind of handhold, but couldn’t get any purchase and tumbled with a panicked yelp off the huge heap of binbags, expecting to hit the hard floor but instead landing in the total darkness on more bin bags, from which he fell onto more below, and still more, unable to see where they ended or prepare for the moment when he would meet something solid, which not even the bags contained, every one being stuffed full with a squelchy melange of beans, putrid chicken offcuts and amazingly heavily-laden nappies and tampons.

The way of all flesh

He loved her norks. He hated her face. Good thing she no longer had one, largely because all her flesh had rotted off other than the carefully-preserved chest area. He still struggled to land his load there, though, and after so many failed attempts, her bones looked like some kind of abandoned snail farm, at least until his dog got in on the action.